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Keep Bleeding Podcast

Jan 13, 2020

Can people fly? Most people can’t, but a few will surprise you! BASE jumping is an extreme sport that involves using a parachute or wingsuit to fly from a fixed structure or off a cliff. Today’s guest is none other than the BASE jumping daredevil himself, professional skydiver and BASE legend, Jeb Corliss. Some call him crazy, but to Jeb, BASE jumping is just living life to the fullest. Join Mike and Jeb as they revisit some of Jeb’s wildest stunts and close-to-death encounters while BASE jumping. Sit down, strap that buckle tight, and hold on for a mind-blowing episode.


Every single person is looking for that thing that gives them a purpose, a reason to wake up in the morning. – Jeb Corliss


In this episode:

  • Jeb’s dismal teenage years and how BASE jumping saved his life
  • The process of learning how to skydive and eventually BASE jump
  • The dark truth about BASE jumping
  • Jeb’s first accident from BASE jumping in Howick Falls
  • The death of a friend and how everything went down in Royal Gorge Bridge
  • EXCLUSIVE firsthand play by play of the Table Mountain crash in 2012
  • Jeb’s takeaway from the near-death experience


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