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Keep Bleeding Podcast

Mar 2, 2020

Today, I’m speaking with a four-time Muay Thai World Champion who has fought in the K-1, UFC, and WEC. Although Kit Cope has been a martial artist for decades, it’s his passion for pushing through obstacles that really makes him a fighter. Kit has a ton of wild stories to share, including about the other titles he’s held, like firefighter, paramedic student, and even cheerleader. Tune in and enjoy some of his craziest stories that lead him to be the champion he is today.


"We were the stars of the show by the way, nobody expected the United States to have anybody worth anything"- Kit Cope


In this episode: 

- Kit takes us back to where his Muay Thai journey started at age 16, including his experience with shin conditioning (ouch!)

- The meaning of the word title in Muay Thai and how Kit won his first pro fighting and world titles

- How Kit landed a UFC deal after having 4 world titles, a bare-knuckle title, and 2 MTV shows under his belt

- Kit’s 70 pound jaguar adventure while staying in Thailand

- Why Kit decided to still train for his first UFC fight after dislocating his arm with a stage 2 AC separation

- Kit’s Weaver-Dunn reconstruction experience and how treatment during recovery damaged his career and sponsorships 

- Performance coaching with Ken Block 

- How Kit saved a friend from an attack and how he dealt with classmates after witnessing a friend’s death


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